About STORM Co

Export and General Supplies

STORM Co is one of the most important companies in Egypt exporting fresh fruits and vegetables, and it is located in Cairo and aims to supply the Arab and international markets with the best products from Egypt.


Fresh from the farm

We export and serve some of the best natural fruits and vegetables fully enriched from exclusive farms.

Natural goods

All our products are produced from fruits and vegetables without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides that make them 100% natural.

high quality

Whether it's fresh fruits or nutritious vegetables, we offer the best products to keep you healthy.

100% natural

We feel proud to say that all of our products are completely natural without the use of any preservatives, hydrogenated fats, colors or flavors.

Our Products










Our core competencies


Unbeatable quality

We are always committed to exporting high quality fresh produce.


Service structure

We strive to provide the best solutions and services to our customers.



Our commitment and dedication is reflected in our world-class products and services on a daily basis.



We operate with honesty, ethics and honor.


Family culture

We believe that our employees are our family and therefore we strive to be respectful, caring and compassionate to each other.


Community and environmental practice

We act responsibly as members of the community in which we operate and respect our environment through recycling, reuse and waste reduction.

Our Products